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HIGH4 and IU were belatedly revealed to have won #1 on May 11th’s canceled broadcast of ‘Inkigayo‘ with ‘Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms‘!

‘Inkigayo’ released their chart for the second week of May on the 13th, revealing HIGH4 and IU to be the winner with “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms”. A Pink‘s “Mr. Chu” trailed behind at #2, and Akdong Musician, who already won their triple crown with “200%“, came in at #3 with their third title track “Give Love“.

This is definitely a feat for rookies HIGH4 who recently made their debut so congrats to HIGH4 and IU!


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1. 나의 옛날 이야기 (My Old Story)
原曲 조덕배 / Composed by 조덕배 / Lyrics by 조덕배 / Arranged by 김제휘 

2. 꽃 (Flower)
原曲 김광석 / Composed by 문대현 / Lyrics by 문대현 / Arranged by G.고릴라

3. 삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지 (A Clown is Laughing At Us)
原曲 김완선 / Composed by 손무현 / Lyrics by 이승호 / Arranged by 이종훈

4. 사랑이 지나가면 (When a Love Passes)
原曲 이문세 / Composed by 이영훈 / Lyrics by 이영훈 / Arranged by G.고릴라

5. 너의 의미 (Feat. 김창완) (Your Meaning)
原曲 산울림 / Composed by 김창완 / Lyrics by 김한영 / Arranged by 고태영

6. 여름밤의 꿈 (Midsummer Night’s Dream)
原曲 김현식 / Composed by 윤상 / Lyrics by 윤상

7. 꿍따리 샤바라 (Feat. 클론) (Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah)
原曲 클론 / Composed by 김창환 / Lyrics by 김창환 / Arranged by 이종민

(cr: iu-jjang)


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MUSIC > Flower Bookmark (2014) > Official Prints

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On the May 9 episode of JTBC‘s ‘Witch Hunt,’ Song Seung Hun revealed that he recently became a fan of IU after becoming addicted to one of her songs.

He said, “These days, there’s a song that I’ve become addicted to.  It’s a female singer’s song.  I put it on when I’m exercising and when I look, I realize I’ve been listening to it for the past hour.  Eventually, I listened to it so many times that I’ve started to respond to the lyrics while exercising.

He revealed it to be IU’s “Friday,” which turned him into another one of her uncle fans! Sung Si Kyung asked if he wanted to talk to her, which caused Song Seung Hun cutely to say that the two men should become closer.

He then went into detail on how he responded to the song.  The lyrics would ask, “Wouldn’t he be busy on Monday?”  He pretended to exercise as he replied, “I’m not busy,” making everybody laugh.

He continued.  The lyrics would go, “Wouldn’t Tuesday seem too desperate?” He’d respond, “Oh, I don’t mind…”  The song would then ask, “Doesn’t Wednesday seem too half-hearted?”  Song Seung Hun replied, “Oh really?

Finally he got to the part where IU asked if Friday was okay and he responded while pretending to exercise again.  This time, though, he said with much more vigor, “Okay!  Oppa has a plenty of time!”

Source: Allkpop

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Making video:

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Solo singer IU announced that she will release her remake album “Flower Bookmark” on May 16 and also shared a new teaser photo.

“Flower Bookmark” will be IU’s first remake album and will feature songs that IU personally wanted to do. While the younger generation may be familiar with IU and her vocals, she will be singing songs from years ago that older generations will enjoy remembering. IU’s agency promised that the songs will be full of sincerity and bring the whole family together with her music.

The teaser photo was released through IU’s official Facebook page. In the photo, IU looks mature in a man’s blazer worn over a bright red dress. With a demure expression and one finger resting on a piano key, IU completes the vintage and nostalgic look of the teaser photo.

“Flower Bookmark” will be released on May 16, at midnight.


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MUSIC > Flower Bookmark (2014) > Official Prints

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IU-and-Kim-Chang-WanIU will be singing with music industry veteran Kim Chang Wan in her new remakes album. According to a report in a news agency on May 7, the 21-year-old singer collaborated with her 60-year-old senior and recorded a duet.

An industry official is quoted, saying, “IU recorded a duet with Kim Chang Wan middle of last month. This recording will be released in the middle of this month, within IU’s remake album.” However, further details are carefully kept guarded. The source added, “Upon his entry into IU’s agency, he has been working on a duet which is a remake of a song released in the past, but at present, it would be difficult to say what song it really is.”

“It is also the 36th anniversary of Sanulrim (Kim Chang Wan’s band formed with his brothers Kim Chang Hoon and Kim Chang Ik), but I have a Kim Chang Wan Band now for the remake of the song,” Kim Chang Wan said. He is noted to be the third 60-year-old to work with IU, who had worked with Choi Baek Ho in the track “Walk with Me, Girl” and withYang Hee Eun in “Daydream,” both from IU’s 2013 release “Modern Times.”

Even before working with seniors Choi Baek Ho and Yang Hee Eun, IU was quoted in the past to have said, “I want to work with Kim Chang Wan.”

Kim Chang Wan is currently a DJ on SBS FM. He is also an actor, having appeared in supporting roles in popular dramas like “Coffee Prince” and more recently, “Man From the Stars.” Previously, he and IU have been able to chat comfortably on radio.

“Whenever I’m asked which seniors I want to have a duet with, I’ve always answered that I want to work with Kim Chang Wan. I’ve always just said it but the hope is put away for the future. Now I have an opportunity.”

Meanwhile, IU will be holding eight solo concerts beginning on May 22 and ending on June 1, along with the release of her remake album.

Source: Soompi

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140502.韓ON! ファイティン!! 스타레시피-아이유의 아이 쉬워… by LAPUTA74

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IU will be holding a concert for those who have been affected by the Sewol Ferry incident and entire amount will be donated to the victims.

From May 22 through May 25 and from May 29 to June 1, IU will be holding a total of eight shows at the Sogang University’s Mary Hall. The name of the solo concert will be, “Just one step…Just As Much As That.” According to an official from IU’s agency, they said, “IU has expressed her opinion of wanting to donate the entire amount that was earned through this small concert.”

For this concert, the agency explained that they are planning on delivering good music in a small space so that the audience can relate. Unlike the large concert that was held at Kyung Hee University during November of last year, a different kind of fun and affection will be shown.

Meanwhile, IU is planning on releasing an album this month consisting of classic songs that has been remade to match her voice and tone.

Source: Soompi

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